Talent Assessment & Coaching

We provide coaching and deliver assessment centers with professional closeness. This is a profession in its own right, one that Time To Grow Global knows inside out. Our consultants are trained psychologists and experienced organizational practitioners. As equal partners, they have broad frames of reference and deep knowledge and always get to the core of any issue.


Four types of assessment center
Executive assessments
Executive team assessments
Three report varieties
Information for participants

Individual Coaching

Time To Grow Global’s individual coaching is result-oriented and pragmatic and focuses on creating movement and growth. We always work from precisely formulated learning points that originate in a work setting. From a foundation of respect and integrity, our coaches guide others by both supporting and challenging them. Generating a strong sense of ownership in the coachee and maximizing talents and potential are key.


A Typical Coaching
Career Coaching
Development Coaching
Potential Coaching
Career Compass


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