Open Space Meetings

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Whether your organization is problem-solving or strategizing, Open Space gets people moving and encourages people to change. When the issue is complex, participants and ideas are diverse, and the potential for disagreement is significant, Open Space Meetings bring people together.

A powerfully effective approach for quickly planning and implementing results, Open Space approach achieves more results in days and weeks than other intervention techniques do in months and years.
Participants design their own passion-driven agendas and collaborate across organizational boundaries, ensuring that solutions and change are borne out of responsibility, motivation, and ownership.

Program Details

Time To Grow Global can help you facilitate Open Space Meetings if:

  • A complex or critical organizational issue is being addressed;
  • Efficient and effective cross-functional collaboration is important for success;
  • Cooperation and/or alignment is required from participants with diverse ideas; or
  • Plans, solutions or organizational directions must be achieved within a limited space of time.

Open Space Meetings typically form part of a larger sequence that is tailored for your team’s unique requirements.

Examples include:

  • Larger-scale Inclusive Strategizing sequences, where collaboration, feedback, and input are required from multiple teams, departments, and organizational levels.
  • Bottom-up idea generation for change, innovation, and problem-solving; and
  • Boosting engagement around big hairy audacious organizational challenges.

These will involve:

  • Between 15 and 500 participants from your organization or value chain;
  • Parallel working sessions with self-determined agendas that center on a theme of strategic importance; and
  • The two key principles of passion and responsibility.

All our Open Space Meetings are customized to deliver the results your organization is seeking. As standalone interventions, or as part of a larger sequence, they will take place at your company or an alternative location that suits you.

Immediately after your Open Space Meeting sequence, our Time To Grow Global professionals will prepare a comprehensive report for all participants.

This integrated report of important ideas, discussions, information, recommendations, conclusions, plans for direct action and issues requiring further investigation will be made available to the entire organization.

All stakeholders may thus be instantly invited to participate in the implementation of recommendations/actions.

Open Space Meetings

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