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Key reasons to reshape Performance Management

The changing business environment asks from companies to keep up with the latest trends to maintain successful. A reshaped Performance Management can lead to multiple benefits. The reasons for reshaping Performance Management are based on external and internal factors, for instance, trends in the market, brain research insights and the effects …  

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What are the key requirements for Performance Management?

You know that it’s time to transition to the Next Practice of Performance Management. You even know the reasons why it’s the right time to do it now. The next step once you recognise the warning signs is to discover the key requirements that can help your company improve its performance management. This usually starts from a concern w…  

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Four signs you need to reshape Performance Management now

Performance management is evolving and we’ve discussed in our previous post why businesses should explore the transition to the Next Practice. There is a great consensus among businesses on the necessity of creating a new method of performance management. HR professionals as well as business leaders underline the importance of an effective…  

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