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Exploit and Explore: What is Organizational Ambidexterity?

Literally, ambidexterity is being able to use both hands with equal effectiveness. In organizations, it’s about balancing two seemingly opposed capabilities: Exploitation, and Exploration. If the future were predictable, past performance would be the most reliable, straightforward way of knowing what lies ahead. We could then, quite relaxedly,…  

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Communicating Your Organizational Vision: Structures and Systems

In my last post, I discussed the idea that a shared vision impacts on: – How people communicate and relate; – What we all value and pass on; and – How companies achieve their vision. The structures and systems we have in place convey subliminal, yet powerful, messages about how we communicate this vision through the culture we create.…  

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Three A’s For Embracing The Complexity of Change

The ability to lead change is one crucial aspect of growing your company. But there’s a lot more to it. While you’ll find plenty of frameworks for ‘getting from A to B’ successfully, the most enduring elements of change management are going to be mental skills. That is, learning to cultivate a mindset for leading change. It’s one fundam…  

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