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Four signs you need to reshape Performance Management now

Performance management is evolving and we’ve discussed in our previous post why businesses should explore the transition to the Next Practice. There is a great consensus among businesses on the necessity of creating a new method of performance management. HR professionals as well as business leaders underline the importance of an effective…  

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The future of Performance Management and how to implement it now

We’ve discussed in our previous post the need to reshape Performance Management so the next question is, what does the future hold? To address the shortcomings of traditional Performance Management and stay up-to-date in the contemporary business climate, organizations need to find ways of bringing real-time Performance Management solutions in…  

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Why we need to reshape Performance Management

The creation of a new performance management framework offers business a great opportunity. By embracing a new approach to Performance Management, companies can: ensure they aren’t making the same mistakes being made by companies all over the world; and adapt to a modern and rapidly-changing business environment that demands constant i…  

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