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3 Ways Leaders Can Give Better Feedback

Constructive feedback is invaluable. But it's not always viewed that way by those receiving it – and especially not when it's thoughtlessly delivered. Whether it's a hurtful throw-away comment or an informational overload, it's easy for leaders to come across as anything but helpful. So how can we create a culture where feedback is not only embra…  

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Personal Leadership Skills: Set Yourself The Right Goals!

In my last post on personal leadership goal setting, we met Wilma, who was set on becoming a less ‘absent’ mentor for Pedro. We defined goal-setting as: “The formulation of clear, specific, and appropriate goals that will direct our attention, mobilize our effort, and drive our behavior toward a specific desired outcome.” ...and c…  

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Personal Leadership Skills: Goal-Setting

The ability to set and stick to a goal is invaluable. There is lots to be said for self-discipline, growth mindset, and motivation in the management literature – and a lot is said about them – but they all have one thing in common. If we can’t determine clear-cut goals that are worth pursuing, none of our well-intentioned efforts will amo…  

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