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3 Ways to Boost Your Team’s Creativity

Your team may not consider themselves creative, but everybody has ideas. Between 60 and 80 thousand thoughts buzz through our heads each day, meaning a team of 10 has around 25,000 to 3,3000 thoughts in a one-hour meeting. Even more conservative estimates put the daily figure at around 50k; slash the meeting time to 30 minutes and we're still looki…  

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3 Leadership Lessons From Musk and Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation Debate

A few months ago, Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen shared his thoughts on Tesla’s plans for entering the Chinese market with its own factory. This came close on the heels of the 53 billion dollar giant announcing its intention to streamline its workforce by 7 percent, break out of its premium niche market, and move into more affordable ele…  

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Exploit and Explore: What is Organizational Ambidexterity?

Literally, ambidexterity is being able to use both hands with equal effectiveness. In organizations, it’s about balancing two seemingly opposed capabilities: Exploitation, and Exploration. If the future were predictable, past performance would be the most reliable, straightforward way of knowing what lies ahead. We could then, quite relaxedly,…  

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