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Why Inclusive Strategizing Works: All On Board!

Strategizing can be tough. Getting everyone from your business together, gathering opinions, and trying to reach a consensus on what really matters. Where do we want to be five years from now? What markets do we want to reach? How do we make it happen? You could outsource your strategy to specialist consultants, as many organization…  

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3 Values Exercises That Encourage Engagement

High-performing teams are driven by shared values that run deeper than a drive for profit. Because they can engage with values like integrity, bravery, loyalty, and trust, value-driven teams get their motivation from a sense of higher purpose. They seek out opportunities and tackle problems together as part of a healthy, safe, and productive organi…  

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Overcoming Creative Obstacles: #2 No Right or Wrong

What does a visionary look like? How would you describe an entrepreneur? Is he or she a risk-taking individual? A boundary-pusher? An excellent planner? Or, poor as can be with ‘inventor’-type glasses? Entrepreneurship can take many forms, which is an important point that many people tend to forget. As Eric Ries argues in The Lean Startu…  

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