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Career Compass

The Career Compass is an affordable and compact combination of career research and coaching achieved through conversations and exercises. It’s a short but powerful coaching sequence. What’s unique about this service is that you look at your ambitions and interests as well as your skills and qualities. Taken together, these factors reveal your possible career path.

With the Career Compass, you can (re)define your career. This doesn’t mean that you will have to look for a new job. Maybe you’ll find that what you’re doing right now suits you well and this might renew your commitment and drive. Or, you may discover that a certain aspect of your current position suits your qualities so well that you wish to develop this area further. It’s all about consciously looking at your qualities, ambitions and motivations and, from there, looking at your future.

Specific Situations
Furthermore, situations can arise that force you and your organization to take an urgent look at your career. For instance, this can be necessary when outplacement is needed due to the reorganization of a company.

Method Career Compass: Customized with a recognizable structure.
With the Career Compass, as with most Time To Grow programs, every experience is customized. This means that the steps described act only as a guide. The realization of the different steps depends on the specific situation of the coachee involved.


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