3 Ways Open Space Meetings Drive Engagement

Do you love coffee breaks? Open Space Meetings stem from the whole idea that when teams come together, the most relevant issues get discussed beside the cappuccino machine. Caffeine fixes aside, it’s where people self-organize, get together, and really chat about the topics most important to them. Ideas surface, suggestions get made, and quite…  

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: The Hardest Coaching Questions Employees Face

For most employees, the trickiest coaching questions often come well before the starting line. In my experience, these are usually ‘what’ questions. “What can a ‘potential coach’ do for me?” and “What does ‘potential coaching’ involve?” Understandable. Not questions most are afraid to ask, by the way, and you’ll find some ans…  

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Three Perspectives All Leaders Should Remember

  • By Govert van Sandwijk
  • January 3, 2019
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We don’t always see eye to eye. But how do we know when our perspectives might be standing in the way of our leadership development efforts? Everyone who’s tried to lead organizational change will understand how just how tough it can be. Look at any practitioner framework for the concept—Johnson and Scholes’ Cultural Web[1], or Schneider…  

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