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Govert is Time To Grow Global's Managing Partner, specializing in Strategy Facilitation, Leadership development and Organisational performance. Reach him on our Time To Grow Global LinkedIn.

Overcoming Creative Obstacles #1: Start With Anything

Some would say you can’t force ideas, and that may be right. But what if there really is no need to force anything in the first place? Everybody is a potential entrepreneur, and innovation can take place at any point in time, at any level of your organization. The real challenge, I would love to argue, is to unlock–rather than force–th…  

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Organizational Silos: When is it time to “Defragment”?

Theoretically and historically, organizations fall into one of several types; functional, divisional, or matrix structures, to name a few. Scientific management has shaped how we approach the division of labor, and it has some undeniable premises—regardless of the bad rap it gets. One of those problems, of course, is organizational silos. …  

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Personal Leadership Skills: Psychological Flexibility

You’d be surprised at how many seasoned, skilled leaders cant connect with their people. Connection, of course, is integral to trust, and it’s at the core of a safe, supportive culture where people aren’t afraid to express themselves. So why do some leaders try to avoid values, feelings, and vulnerability when putting on their ‘work’ hats…  

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