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We deeply believe people make the difference. That’s why we help leaders lead with vision and passion. And we help co-workers take the initiative with a clear sense of ownership and inner strength.

We have a track record that brings us around the world; from Amsterdam to Sydney, from Kinshasa to Bogotá enhancing business performance in over 50 countries.

Our clients are organizations that stand out in their people centricity; they walk the talk. Our commitment is their Growth.

Meet the Time To Grow Global Team


Govert van Sandwijk

Govert van Sandwijk

Managing Partner

I wholeheartedly endorse our Time To Grow Global creed that people make the difference. I believe in the fact that the problems that organizations face will only fundamentally be resolved when those of us in management positions actually start to lead and employees dare to take ownership and initiative.

Marc Vanschoenwinkel

Marc Vanschoenwinkel


In my opinion, life is much too short and too valuable to accept that there are situations and organizations in which people cannot be who they are and are not able to develop their fullest potential. Several roads lead to Rome! The goal is always my priority, without it justifying the means.

Nicolien Dellensen

Nicolien Dellensen

Senior Consultant

I assume that everyone knows what his or her characteristics, motivations and beliefs are. Only often we have forgotten this or choose not to see it. The key to moving forward lies in remembering exactly this. Helping people to remember and to put it into words is what drives me.

Madelon Schrama

Madelon Schrama

Office Manager

Working with people, working in service of people, is essential to me. Creating a pleasant working environment for both my colleagues and for the clients who come to visit us and make people feel at ease. This is a driving force that is reflected in my work.

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