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All our services have been adapted to fit social distancing rules.



Our Team Reboot has been exclusively designed to help teams that are collaborating once more after this extended period of remote work.

This compact, powerful program identifies and targets context-specific issues. Including defensiveness, ineffective ‘old’ group dynamics, and the tensions of reuniting.

Helping you foster collective intelligence and realign on your strategic goals, together.



Our Transformational Coaching takes a deeper, more personal approach than regular executive coaching to help you improve your whole leadership style.

With your personal professional coach, you’ll explore what lies beneath – to unblock more significant issues that stall your development as an executive.

Compact, yet profoundly personalized, Transformational Coaching reveals insights that will better connect to yourself and others, moving you forward in new, even more adaptive ways.


Inclusive Strategizing

When your management team, executive board, or organization needs to figure out their next strategic steps, our Inclusive Strategy workshop sequences help you both define your future, and how to get there.

Where conventional strategizing involves external specialists, our Inclusive Strategizing sequences involve input from your people to generate energy for execution.


Redesigning Crucial Conversations

We understand that some conversations can change the course of your business. No matter what the challenge, we make sure your meeting, process, or dialogue flows and ends with the output you envisioned.

Our boutique facilitation services are uniquely designed to fit your organization’s specific context and purpose. Start making conversations that matter, count.

The Power of Professional Closeness

How to raise your team’s collective intelligence and take a holistic approach to leading your business.

Some companies we've worked with

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We are great! But, don’t take our word for it...

Here are some of the experiences other people had working with us.

I had the pleasure to work with Time To Grow Global in a big “change journey”. They supported us with both the design of our approach as well as facilitation of several of the interventions. Govert and his team worked together with us in a very professional, human and supportive way.

Carina Priesman
Global Manager Learning Delivery at Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Carel is a master when it comes to understanding organizational dynamics, he knows how to build effective relationships enabling him to navigate landscapes with ease. He is perhaps the most culturally adept leader I have worked with, sensitive to global differences yet determined to bring structure and process on a very large scale.

Gillian Godfrey
Chief People Officer at Storable
Marc is highly effective trainer. His courses on leadership and on team collaboration have made a difference to my performance and to the performance of my team.

Adil El Youssefi
CEO at Airtel Kenya
I got the chance to work with Time To Grow Global in a leadership program in Dar es Salaam. The entire group was amazed about how this session went. We were able to discover and improve many bad habits. For all of us the session was a great success.

Abdellatif Bouziani
CEO at Smart (East Africa Telecom)
Carel is a consummate HR leader with a very unique aptitude in identifying right people the business will need not only at a specific point of time but also long term. He is very talented in strongly and quickly connecting with people from various backgrounds, cultures, nationalities.

Sinem Sur
Human Resources Director

Featured Training & Coaching programs

Leadership Xperience

The Leadership Xperience program is where senior leaders like you re-invent how to lead.

Regardless of the size and scope of your company, one element that is always in demand is leadership. The top 3 leadership qualities the most sought-after over the next five years will be Creativity, Integrity and Global Thinking.

Ask yourself: will your style of leadership be as effective 3, 5, even 10 years from now? The bottom line is you constantly need to sharpen your leadership skills.

Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership program is all about personality and your professional success.

Who you are, what you think and believe, what you feel, how you act, all off this is vital for the success you have as a leader.

Truly understanding this and being conscious about what this implies for you and those you lead will boost your personal development and effectiveness as a leader.

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